Become a new Client


It’s what we do

At Rejuice, we know that whether a potential, new or existing customer, all strong and lasting relationships are built on foundations of clear, and honest understanding.

Before we start working for you, we believe it is imperative that we begin with a discovery meeting. By taking this time, itallows us to have a full and clear picture of what you arestriving for and how we can best help you achieve your business goals. We can all move forward faster and have amore efficient and meaningful business relationship

We see on-boarding you as a client the first of many steps in building a long-term relationship. It gives you a chance to assess our company, learn what we do and address questions you have on how best to bring your product to the next stage and give us both the best chance and success.

At Rejuice we don’t underestimate the importance
of a client on-boarding meeting.

We’ll use this meeting to capture and understand your visions, goals and strategy. By us understanding what you want, who your customers are and where you want to grow to, we can best tailor our years of experience to help you maximise your time and investments. From flavour, through design and branding, packaging POS,etc. we can best match your expectations and timelines and advise you how best to proceed.

Our services are not just an “end to end” solution but can be tailored and bespokedaccording to your needs. You make want a full package of just a redesign, a range of new flavours developed or to become a co-pack partner. We are here to help youand your customers as best we can.

Across compliance, regulation, analysis, Regardless of being a new venture or anestablished player in the market, we can add benefit and efficiencies to your business helping you complete your project in the most efficient way possible.

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